Wafer Tattoo Stencils

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A Glass Tattoo® Wafer is an air-dried design component that can be arranged on your base glass in combination with other Glass Tattoo® Wafers or with a Standard Glass Tattoo® Stencil design. Glass Tattoo® Wafers are created in almost the same way as a standard Glass Tattoo® Stencil Design, the difference is a wafer is created on a sheet of smooth clear acetate (overhead transparency plastic) or similar type of plastic sheeting. Wait until the wafers are completely dry (24-48 hours) then carefully lift the wafer design off the plastic. Glass Tattoo® Wafers are remarkably strong, but they will break, so be gentle.

Now you can arrange the wafers on your base glass in any pattern you wish. Paste the wafers down using a small dab of Gue then add any other adornment components you choose to finish your masterpiece.