47259-Drop-Thru Mold Bundle SALE!

47259-Drop-Thru Mold Bundle SALE!

Create a Dramatic Footed Vase using this 3-Piece Drop-Thru Mold that Automatically Aligns the Drop to the Center of a Wine-Glass Style Foot

Bundle Contains:
• Tripod Base
• Foot Casting Mold
• Fluted Drop-Thru Ring
• 4 page Instructional Booklets

Turn the ring 1/3 of a revolution to re-position it at 3 different levels to create 3 distinct Drop-Thru vase heights.
• Highest Position - Creates a vase 4 5/8” High
• Middle Position - Creates a vase 4 1/8” High
• Lowest Position - Creates a vase 3 1/2” High

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